Five Ways to Select the Best Criminal Defence Attorney

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Choosing the criminal defence attorney could mean the difference between landing in prison and walking away with your freedom. Obviously, the decision of who to hire to fight for you simply cannot be taken lightly. You deserve the most tenacious criminal defence attorney, so how will you know which the right one for you? Here are five ways to help decide:

1. Practice makes perfect.

If you are in jail and do not have the benefit of sizing up competing criminal defense firms, you might have to resort to old haunts. Say this is not your first offense. You had a decent lawyer last time that you thought fought for you during your case. Find the number and contact that criminal defence attorney. If it is your first time, ask around. Civil practitioners can pass along recommendations, as can family and friends and even some bail bond sellers.

2. Do your homework.

Being able to find a criminal defence attorney while not in jail is a huge advantage. However, your freedom means you should be intensely researching every corner of the Internet for a quality criminal defence attorney who can fight for you. Database websites and even quick directory searches can point you in the right direction, as can Google. If you need big help, consult the local bar association for a referral.

3. Narrow your focus.

You might be able to find a criminal lawyer or a firm that specializes in specific types of cases, e.g. rape, violent crime and so on. However, not all criminal defence attorneys have a specialty. So, you should focus your efforts on finding the one that will absolutely fight the hardest for you and give you the representation you deserve as a citizen of the United States.

4. Pay for a lawyer, not a billboard.

It is easy to see why people would rush to call a guy whose face is on every bus bench and billboard in town. But while some criminal defence attorneys are only out there to make a name for themselves, the best are out there to fight for you. Any federal criminal defense attorney you like has got to have the skills and the passion to back up their charm.

5. The court will provide one for you.

If all else fails and you cannot afford a criminal defence attorney, the court will provide for you. This is your constitutional right as an American, as outlined in the sixth amendment and as defended by the Supreme Court in the landmark decision of Gideon v. Wainwright in 1963. Public defenders are often the most ardent and passionate criminal defence attorneys around because they do not get paid up front. In fact, you do not pay them at all. They simply fight for you because you deserve to be fought for. Visit here for more.

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