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Running a red light ticket

When you get into your car every morning and plug in your iPod, put your coffee in the cup holder and start the car, it’s so routine, you probably don’t think twice about the risk you’re taking when you pull out into traffic. Especially in Los Angeles. It’s no secret the world isn’t all rainbows and bunnies, but it’s sometimes tough to remember the risk we take in our daily routines. It’s sometimes even harder to know what to do when our comfortable daily routines are flipped on their heads and end up causing us pain or discomfort. For example, you’re daily routine probably involves stopping at a few intersections.

Did you know:

Ninety seven percent of drivers believe that other drivers running red lights are a major safety threat.

One in three people personally know someone who has been injured or killed in a car accident involving running a red light.

In 2012, 683 people were killed and an estimated 133,000 were injured in car accidents involving running a red light.

So what happens when that car runs the red light at the intersection right by your office? Or when you have to slam on your brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of you only to welcome the car behind you straight into your back bumper? Or when you get traffic tickets and fines for instances you could have sworn you did the right thing? Those times you’re wondering when to fight a speeding ticket? What if you’re not the victim, but you’re the one with the traffic tickets, the red light violations, or the suspended license? Don’t live in fear of the everyday risks you take or suffer under the weight of traffic tickets and fines. Whatever your situation, why not have a Los Angeles traffic attorney on speed dial to help?

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