Month: April 2015

Watch Out for These Common Workplace Safety Issues When You’re on the Job

No matter where you work, your employer has to abide by certain safety guidelines in the workplace. These guidelines, usually mandated by government agencies, ensure that workers stay free from injury and harassment and help to make sure that everyone uses good judgment around heavy machinery or while performing job duties. However, workplace safety issues can crop up, especially if an employer has been negligent with employee training or providing safety equipment. Regardless of whatRead more

How Could You Be Affected by a Semi Truck Accident?

Each year, more than 20,000 people die as the result of traffic accidents, and around 2 million more sustain injuries. However, one of the most common risk factors in these accidents is the type of vehicle involved. Semi truck accidents can do some of the most damage to drivers of much smaller passenger vehicles, which can lead to personal injury litigation if the collision was severe enough. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports thatRead more

The Little Expenses that Make Immigrant Life That Much More Expensive

The U.S. immigration laws are bad – really, really bad. I’d say treatment of immigrants is one of the greatest injustices done in our government’s name,” Bill Gates once said. Immigrants of all economic statuses take monumental risks in the hopes of being welcomed into the United States. Those risks, after time, can start to add up. So what are the hidden costs associated with coming to America? Lawyering Want to stay in America forRead more

The Truth About Filing For Bankruptcy What You Should Know

While it’s common for people to associate bankruptcy with many different stigmas, bankruptcy is actually the perfect opportunity to attain a fresh financial start. In fact, many people who have filed bankruptcy in the past later report that they have experienced personal growth, and that they are able to manage their finances. Many bankruptcy myths and negative associations are a far cry from what bankruptcy is actually about. For example, many people wrongfully assume thatRead more

A Private Detective in California is Using Drones to Conduct Investigations

Throughout history, private investigation companies have often used every tool at their disposal to help their clients uncover the information they seek. Examples of their contributions to the field of investigation include the use of forensics, surveillance, cyber investigation and more; in previous times, some private investigation services would specifically hire children and woman, who were considered less capable of subterfuge, to act as private detectives. Whatever tactic is being used, however, most private investigatorsRead more