Month: February 2016

10 Facts You Likely Do Not Know About Divorce

Divorce is one of the few issues that touches the lives of an overwhelming majority of Americans, often before even reaching adulthood, if not with their own parents, then those of friends or relatives. With such widespread impact, one would expect the accuracy of the information circulating in the general public to be high, but the reality is far more mixed. Misinformation and ignorance are states that can only be rectified by knowledge, and toRead more

Are You Filing For Bankruptcy Or A Lawsuit? You Need To Find The Right Lawyer

What can a personal injury attorney do for you? When options are few and resources are scarce, many Americans find themselves turning to legal offices to aid with obtaining disability benefits, medical malpractice assistance or applying for a work-related injury lawsuit. These legal professionals are experts at navigating the field of law, as well as related fields such as medicine or education, and pinpointing the solutions you need to get back on your feet again.Read more

What You Should Ask a Lawyer Before Hiring Them

When looking to hire legal representation there are several legal questions you want to ask to make sure that you are procuring a lawyer that has your best interests in mind. Hiring a lawyer can be daunting so here are a series of legal questions to ask. Specific to Them What is your education? Finding out where they studied, what university they went to and what their chosen field of the law was initially willRead more

Talk to an Alabama Attorney about Estate Planning

There are so many things an Alabama attorney can help you with that many people don’t realize. Some of those things include estate planning and the creation of a will or living trust. A lot of people avoid estate planning and creating a will because they don?t think they need it yet, or they don?t want to face their mortality. While making plans for what will happen when you pass may seem depressing, it isRead more