What To Do If You Are In Danger of a Drinking and Driving Infraction

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The number one way to avoid getting pregnant is to never have sex. However, that’s isn’t practical for everyone. The same is true when we talk about alcohol consumption and driving. Whether you were leaving casual after-work drinks or partying all night, there are some simple tips for avoiding getting hit with a drinking and driving infraction.

Know the Law
For example, the blood alcohol level (BAC) requirement varies from state to state. In Missouri, if you’ve done as much as use mouthwash, you shouldn’t drive a car. However, in Ohio, those under 21 can get away with a .2 BAC. Also, in some states, lawyers suggest that those who are asked should never submit to a breathalizer or other test to field for intoxicants. However, In states like Ohio that have an implied consent law, you will be subject to a fine and license suspension. You can act appropriately if you understand the weight attached to each action. Keep in mind, a criminal defense firm can help patch whatever mess you might make but you want to keep the damage to a minimum.

Get a Lawyer
In some states, getting a DUI could mean jail time, fines and/or license suspension. However, finding a good lawyer could keep you out of so much trouble. DUI laws by state are much different, so be sure that if you’ve gotten advice from any lawyer in the past that the advice you are following is from the state you are in. In some states, as many as 1 in 7 people have broken state dui laws and been convicted. This means that many lawyers have lots of practice with this issue.

Drink Responsibly
In many states, new dui laws are getting more and more strict. Take advantage of car sharing. Ask a friend to drive. Grab some coffee before you head home. There are all kinds of ways to avoid ever needing a criminal defense attorney or criminal defense firm.

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