How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Motorcycle accident attorney

The road can be a pretty dangerous place for motorcyclists. In 2012, nearly 5,000 people died as a result of motorcycle crashes. Since motorcycles don’t offer much in the way of protecting riders in the event of an accident, injuries can be very severe. In accidents where another driver is at fault for the accident due to negligence, he or she is legally responsible for the injuries sustained because of it. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident and intend to go for a settlement, here are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting one.

1. Document everything.
One of the most important things you can do to increase your chances of winning a personal injury settlement is to make sure that you document everything. Settlement amounts are generally based on the monetary losses incurred by the injured party, like the amount paid in medical bills, the amount of wages lost, and the amount of wages lost in the future because of the injury. Keeping all of these losses well-documented is really important for getting an adequate settlement.

2. Hire a personal injury lawyer.
Another thing you should do to increase your chances of getting the right settlement amount is to hire a motorcycle accident attorney. Most personal injury cases never even go to court, so some people think that means that they don’t really need to hire a lawyer. This isn’t the case. Lawyers are much more experienced at negotiating with insurance companies and going through the process of a personal injury case than most people are, so it’s helpful to have expert counsel.

3. Take it to court if you have to.
In some cases, personal injury cases that result from motorcycle crashes do make it to court. This typically occurs when the parties involved cannot agree on a settlement amount. It’s really important to remember that you don’t have to accept the settlement that the insurance company offers you to begin with. Just keep in mind that when cases go to court the plaintiff usually loses.

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