What You Should Know About Domestic Violence

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It’s a sad truth, but domestic violence attorneys are not called as often as they should be, or when they should be. Here’s why.

Only a Minuscule Fraction of Women Ever Go to See Domestic Violence Attorneys or the Police.

Each year, there are about 1.3 million women who become the victims of physical assault perpetrated by an intimate partner. There’s so much domestic violence in the each year that victims cumulatively spend about 100,000 days in the hospitals from such incidents, and visit the emergency room approximately 40,000 times. Yet, only about 25% of these incidents are ever reported to the police. If domestic violence attorneys and law enforcement are made awares of the problem, then nothing can be done about it.

Those Who Do Turn to Domestic Violence Attorneys or Law Enforcement Do So After Dozens of Incidents.

Unfortunately, those who do eventually seek help from law enforcement or domestic violence attorneys do so only after a few dozen incidents. On average, women experience 35 incidents of domestic violence before they seek treatment or help.

Too Often, Help Is Sought Too Late.

Too often, the victims of domestic violence do not seek help fast enough. In 2011, there were 1,509 women murdered by men they knew. Of them, 926 were murdered by an intimate partner, and 264 of them were called by a partner during an argument. And it’s not like that year in particular was bad. Since 2003, there have been about 18,000 women who have been killed by men in domestic violence disputes.

The fact of the matter is that domestic violence lawyers should be called at the very first sign of trouble. If not, things may get tragically worse.

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