Month: January 2015

Three Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer

No one wants to get a divorce, but nevertheless, no matter how hard a couple tries to reconcile, this form of legal separation is the only way. When it comes to this, people have many questions. For instance, what does the process involve? This varies between states, as do the fees involved and whether or not a legal separation is required. How property is divided up also changes depending on where you live. In someContinue reading

What You need to Know About Car Accident Settlements

Car accidents are scary, but the legal complications that go along with getting reimbursed for medical expenses after one can be even more intimidating sometimes. Here are some of the most common questions people ask personal injury lawyers about car accident settlements: What Do I Do After a Car Accident? Many people wonder what to do after car accidents that will help them navigate legal issues down the road related to property damage and personalContinue reading

What To Do If You Get Hurt At Work

If you were recently hurt at work, the first thing you should know is that you have rights. Workers who are injured in both major and minor ways are entitled to a fair exploration of their claim and perhaps even workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is based on a workers ability to get employed after their injury as well as their economic loss while out of work. For example, worker who loses a limb at aContinue reading

Three Questions To Ask When Looking for a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy is, by far, one of the biggest problems plaguing the American people today — according to data from the Bankruptcy Institute in July of 2013, there had been over 87,000 bankruptcy filings in the U.S. that year, and one out of every 70 American households file for bankruptcy at some point. In other words, if you’ve found yourself in a sticky situation and you’re thinking that you might need to file for bankruptcy yourself,Continue reading