3 Tips From a Mediation Lawyer

This video presents tips from a mediation lawyer on becoming a successful negotiator. A mediation lawyer brings parties together and assists them in negotiating an agreement. Mediation is a process where both parties sit with a neutral third party to negotiate their disputes, and the parties devise arrangements to satisfy their needs.

Negotiation has everything to do with creating and distributing value.

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A mediation lawyer should focus on people’s underlying interests, and parties should come forth to declare them. While negotiating, people should be prepared to trade their interests. When someone agrees to give up their position, they think it is the best option at this point for them and their family or business needs. A trusted mediation lawyer should break this tension and use their experience to solve the dispute.
A good mediation lawyer helps parties understand and build a foundation for future agreements. This negotiation works by factoring in the tensions that exist between the parties. As a mediation lawyer, you will try to balance empathy and assertiveness.

Good communication is valuable, and the mediation lawyer can help reach a quick agreement with the parties. The agent and principal relationship should not get in the way of the negotiation because of conflicting interests.

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