Little Known Facts on Using a Condemnation Lawyer

Condemnation or eminent domain refers to the right of a government unit to acquire private property at the expense of the property owner. However, a condemnation lawyer can cause a reversion and tilt the condemnation in favor of the property owner. The YouTube video “Insight’s in Law: Eminent Domain or Condemnation.

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” explains the process.

First, a condemnation lawyer can help the property owner file a lawsuit against the acquisition of the property by the government by proving how the property or environment is not needed for public use. A condemnation lawyer can also help the property owner with getting the compensation that truly matches the worth of the property rather than the token the government unit wants to pay.

Also, a condemnation lawyer can file an inverse condemnation suit on behalf of a property owner if a government property badly influences the value of the property owned by a private person. They can also file for just compensation that reflects the property’s real worth.

It is important to retain a condemnation lawyer because their fees will be reimbursed by the government unit sued during a condemnation suit.


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