The Basics of Workers Compensation

There are dangerous jobs out there and sometimes those are the most important and necessary jobs to perform. But, people can sometimes be injured while on the job which can cause a bunch of different issues with their personal life as well as the company. Employees are usually entitled to workers compensation when they are injured on the job which will usually pay them for lost wages.

In this video, you will learn the basics of workers compensation through the lens of human resources. The first thing this video does is define what workers compensation is.

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Basically, it is insurance that helps the employee pay for medical expenses and is reimbursed for lost wages by the company. This can only happen if the person is injured on the job.

Usually, the employee may have to hire a lawyer to help apply for workers compensation. It is a difficult process to follow because of legal jargon, but a lawyer will help you through it.

Continue watching this video to learn the basics of workers compensation. No one ever wants to be injured on the job, but workers comp can help pay for the injuries you sustained and allow you to live while you can’t work.


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