Top 5 Questions You Should Ask During Your Initial Attorney Consultation

Make sure you have some questions ready to go when you go to a divorce law firm for your initial consultation. One of the first questions you should ask them is how much they will charge for their services. On top of that, you should ask to see some of the cases that they have taken on before.

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You should also try to get answers about the payment structure that they have set up for themselves.

Think carefully about all of the factors that go into taking care of your divorce, and have all your questions prepared well. You might want to ask your lawyer about how often you are going to be expected to appear in court. You might also want to make sure that you are getting some help in receiving assistance related to what you need to bring with you when you go to court.

Have all of these questions ready to go so that you can come prepared when you meet with your attorney. It will help you greatly to set yourself up in that way. Be ready to do everything necessary to get the results that you need when you are in court for your divorce.


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