Month: February 2015

Four Weird Hunting Laws You Never Expected to Be Real

Did you know that it’s okay to kill a turkey with a spear in Nebraska? Believe it or not, the Cornhusker state has a legal statute that puts a “hand thrown spear” option under its archery regulations, so if you’re ever feeling inspired by Troy or 300, just head over there during turkey season to get some practice in. What’s might be even stranger than that though are the legal statutes that forbid certain huntingRead more

The Importance of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Most of the citizens who currently reside in the USA had ancestors who undertook a long migration to USA. Even today, about 27% of the United States population was born in a foreign country. There are still thousands of people who wish to become U.S. citizens and who may reside in the United States without legal documentation. However, it is of utmost importance to find an immigrant attorney and begin the process of becoming aRead more

How Does a Bankruptcy Filing Affect Your Taxes?

Deciding that you need to get bankruptcy help by beginning a journey along the Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy timeline is a huge choice that will affect you for the rest of your life. Because it’s such a life-altering decision, it’s important to consider how a bankruptcy filing will impact all aspects of your life, from your ability to get credit afterward to even something as unexpected as your unpaid taxes. Want to knowRead more

What To Do If You Are In Danger of a Drinking and Driving Infraction

The number one way to avoid getting pregnant is to never have sex. However, that’s isn’t practical for everyone. The same is true when we talk about alcohol consumption and driving. Whether you were leaving casual after-work drinks or partying all night, there are some simple tips for avoiding getting hit with a drinking and driving infraction. Know the Law For example, the blood alcohol level (BAC) requirement varies from state to state. In Missouri,Read more