Month: January 2014

How to Pack Your Office When It’s Time to Move

A business moving to a new location can put a lot of stress on all employees. From the manager who has to organize the whole shebang with corporate relocation companies, to even the entry level employees. During office moves, most companies make employees pack up their own desk and filing cabinets, which can be quite the hassle as they try to get through their already busy work schedule. So to help those of you whoContinue reading

Understanding the Legal Definitions of Domestic Violence

In the legal world, definitions are very important. The general public’s understanding of a term may not fulfill the legal understanding, sometimes making it difficult to determine what actually qualifies as a crime worthy of report. Indeed, questions like “What is considered domestic violence?” are asked frequently. So, what is the definition of domestic violence? Here, we will provide an answer to that question. The term “domestic violence”, also termed “domestic abuse”, can describe aContinue reading

The REAL Truth About Filing for Bankruptcy

Nobody ever wants to find himself or herself in a position where bankruptcy is the only option. Why? Because filing for bankruptcy not only destroys the debtor’s credit rating, but it makes it impossible to get a mortgage, auto loan, or any other type of loan or credit for at least a decade. Additionally, the huge black mark a bankruptcy leaves on your credit rating can even prevent you from getting new job. To topContinue reading

Filing for Bankruptcy

If you have found yourself in intractable financial difficulties, bankruptcy attorneys may be able to help you to get out of them. Bankruptcy is not a cure all for financial difficulties, but if you are no longer able to pay off your debts as they become due, it may be time to get rid of many of them by filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can take on many different forms, depending on your personal financial andContinue reading

How to Gain US Citizenship

Did you know that 8% of the entire U.S. population is expected to be of Asian origin by 2041? In order to gain U.S. citizenship, however, citizens of other countries must undergo naturalization, which is the legal process of gaining citizenship. By completing this process, immigrants have the opportunity to become citizens of the United States. The first thing to do in order to gain citizenship is obtain a green card. Foreign citizens may applyContinue reading

Why Employees Need to Know Their Rights?

Believe it or not, employees have rights; unfortunately, many of them get taken advantage of because they are unaware of those rights. From a legal perspective, employers are obligated to inform their employees of their right in some way, shape, or form. But this does not mean that employers have to be upfront about it. For this reason, employees need to take responsibility for knowing their rights, and they cannot be afraid to bring itContinue reading