What Do Criminal Attorneys Do?

If someone has been charged with a criminal offense, their best hope would be to hire a criminal lawyer. In this YouTube video, viewers learn more about how criminal lawyers create a defense strategy. When a person accused of a crime comes to a criminal lawyer, the lawyer will learn as much information as possible about the alleged crime. The lawyer will also want to know about the circumstances of the arrest.

One strategy criminal attorneys may use to defend the accused is to prove they did not commit the crime. The accused could furnish the police with the name of a witness who can prove their innocence.

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Alternatively, they may remember details about the arrest, showing that the police officers made a mistake during the arrest.

If there seems to be no way to prove his innocence, the lawyer will try to find ways to reduce the consequences of the charge. Trying to decrease the impact of a legal charge is known as mitigation. An example of mitigation would be for the lawyer to convince the prosecution to reduce your charges because the accused has no prior charges and is otherwise an upstanding person. If the accused has information about another criminal matter, the court may be willing to reduce the charges in exchange for that information.

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