3 Things to Look for in a Catastrophic Injury Attorney

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If you’ve been very seriously hurt in an accident, then you need to be thinking about a personal injury lawsuit to cover your expenses. If your injuries fall into a category called “catastrophic injuries” — most often including spinal or head damage — then you need to be very careful about the injury attorney you choose to represent you. Not just anyone with “attorney at law” after their name will be qualified to handle this kind of case. Here are three things you’ll want when hiring an attorney for catastrophic injuries:

  1. An Attorney With Relevant Experience

    All lawyers go to law school and take the bar exam, but that doesn’t mean they all work on the same kinds of cases equally well. You want to be sure you’re choosing an attorney whose practice focuses on these kinds of cases. When you’re doing a consultation, you can even ask what percentage of an attorney’s practice is comprised by personal injury negotiations.

  2. An Attorney Who Isn’t Afraid to Fight in Court

    If a catastrophic injury has altered your ability to work, you’ll almost certainly need to be seeking higher damages than you would in a standard broken-arm type of personal injury case. That means you’ll want a lawyer who is prepared to go to court if necessary to get you the settlement that will allow you to focus on getting your life back on track, rather than just worrying about your bills.

  3. An Attorney Who Is Compassionate

    A personal injury lawsuit can be very trying, even if you’re not actually on trial. You’ll want to make sure you’re working with professionals who treat you kindly and compassionately as they work to get the best possible outcome for you. As you wonder about your future and how your life will change as a result of your injuries, you’ll be grateful for the personal, as well as professional, support.

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