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5 Thoughtful Ways to Try and Save Your Marriage

Dealing with the divorce process is messy and involves a lot of people. There are child custody lawyers, divorce lawyers, not to mention the children themselves, friends and family as well as the spouses, of course. A lot of people are affected by a divorce. It’s not just a simple matter of filing divorce papers and going on your way. In some states, a judge will require you to make an attempt at reconciliation dependingContinue reading

Different Sub-specialites of Family Law

Law is a broad subject that encompasses a wide variety of different categories. From criminal law and public defenders to environmental and corporate law, the categories of law span a wide range. Lawyers go to school for years studying the basic fundamentals of the law and then must decide on which area they want to specialize in. One category that many lawyers choose to specialize in is family law. What is family law? Family lawContinue reading